Hello, I'm Julien!

I'm convinced that AI is much more than just a technology - it's a new industrial revolution that is radically transforming all aspects of our society. This transformation is as rapid as it is fascinating, and it's propelling us at breakneck speed towards a future we're still struggling to conceive.

It's in this world of constant acceleration that I aspire to create a slowdown, a space to breathe, reflect and truly understand the world of artificial intelligence. A place where haste gives way to reflection, where superficiality is replaced by substantive, engaged and educational content.

I'm not a guru who'll sell you training courses to master ChatGPT. I'm neither a computer scientist nor an engineer. My humble contribution is to take an interest in people far smarter than me, to share, democratize and simplify their knowledge.

Every episode of my podcast and every article on my blog is designed to bring maximum value to you, my listeners and readers. I aim to shed light on grey areas, demystify complex concepts and help you understand the impact of AI on your family, personal and professional life.

AI Experience is content that helps you navigate the complex AI landscape. I'm a strong advocate of continuing education and aspire to make it a space where it's never too late to learn how to learn to understand AI.

Welcome aboard!